Purchasing Photos

Purchase Bob Seago's Books:


Creede, the Four Seasons

ISBN: 978-0-692-66949-5


Bob-seago-photo-book smSame Location, Different Time – Photographs of Creede

Bob Seago has re-created 50 historic photographs in the Creede area ranging from the 1890s through the 1950s by finding the locations where the historic photographers stood. The book has the historic photograph and the current one taken by Bob on facing pages with accompanying text explaining the photographs. 

The cost is $49.95 with each book signed by Bob. All proceeds go to the Creede Historical Society.

Purchase at The Studios at Bristol Gallery, the Creede Historical Museum or many fine merchants in Creede


Where to Purchase Prints of Photos

Bob Seago’s photographs are for purchase in the Loft Gallery at the Studios at Bristol.
Bob also sells cards for $4 at the Loft Gallery!
39542 Highway 149, Creede, Colorado
Located along the Silver Thread Scenic Byway (Colorado Highway 149) between Creede and Lake City.


How to Order Prints

Contact Bob at s2rseago@gmail.com or 719-658-1140. Prints can be shipped.

Commercial Use of Photos

$15 per photo for use on web sites, advertising, etc. Photos may not be printed for re-sale.