Photography Workshops

Length: 1-4 days
Cost:  $75 per day – includes an early morning shoot, mid-day analysis, and evening shoot
Dates:  Schedule is flexible - Call with requests
Minimum class size:  1

AlongEngineerPassRoadIMG 6115Description: Learn to use your digital camera to get the best possible photographs. Explore your camera’s settings and briefly discuss the technical side of digital file management. Get tips and techniques about composition, lighting, and creativity. You will take lots of photographs and Bob will provide feedback on the results!

Subject Matter/Location: Flexible – If you have something specific in mind, we can concentrate on that, or Bob has some great location and subject suggestions!

Requirements: Your ability level is not important. Your willingness to learn is. Please bring your camera, a fully charged battery, and your camera’s manual.

Instructor:  Bob Seago lives upriver from Creede and as a landscape and wildlife photographer, he specializes in color digital photography. He has been behind a camera for over 30 years. His work has been featured in Creede Magazine and calendars 
on a regular basis. Bob has won awards in the Creede Arts Council Mountain Shootout regional photography show. His photographs are for purchase in the Loft Gallery at The Studios at Bristol.